The matchmaking online game is difficult, girls. Others have actually a difficult time learning just what their particular “type” is or what it must? It’d be fantastic should you decide could only understand what style of dude you need to be matchmaking according to, like, your chosen drink, appropriate? Why don’t we give it a try!<


You’re a striking individuality and you need one who is self-confident enough to accept and balance it. You’re a self-assured and hot woman, so any guy with maleness problems is simply not gonna make the grade. Your very best fit is able to appeal to your own persistent side…and when to cool off.

The place you’ll fulfill him:

at gym, an unbarred mic evening, or perhaps the puppy park

Celebrity day inspiration:

Channing Tatum<


You’re more of a cupcake girl, are not you? Discover a guy that is had gotten a sensitive side but a great love of life! A dude who is able to speak to their empathy in addition to nostalgia and whom you can just let out and be ridiculous with!

Where you’ll meet him:

an improv course, a thrift store, or a theme park

Star time inspiration:

Chris Pratt

Red Zinfandel

Guys that a bit bit harmful tend to be attractive to you. A personality which makes people end and think. Once you fulfill men exactly who seems prepared go to a higher level, just make sure which he always knows your own borders and expectations. Don’t allow him wreck havoc on the cardiovascular system!

Where you’ll satisfy him:

at a lodge bar, or at a tattoo shop, or online

Star day inspiration:

Jason Momoa

Sauvignon Blanc

In a prospective lover, you see intelligence become the hottest top-notch all. The ideal man will stimulate your mind in addition to, well, other activities. You will want some guy which takes you on thoughtful dates might appreciate society everything you are doing.

Where you’ll fulfill him:

club trivia night, an art gallery or art gallery, or the regional bookstore

Celebrity big date inspiration:

Jude Law


You love to possess a good time, so it’s often difficult to find men who can keep up with you. You will want somebody who’s driven and wants finding brand-new places to visit . Both of you like to enjoy the finer situations in life but still you should not get yourselves also really.

The place you’ll fulfill him:

a costume celebration, at brunch, or while doing volunteer work

Celebrity go out inspiration:

Zac Efron


A guy who’s easygoing and even-tempered is your most readily useful fit, but do not mistake those attributes for humdrum. He provides an oh-so-attractive quiet love to him. Possibly it’s a spare time activity which he becomes stoked up about or maybe it’s simply the fact he’s a secret intimate. In any event, you two rock the “understated hot” look as a few.

For which you’ll meet him:

the rencontres locales amicales farmer’s market, a marriage, or at an alumni reunion

Celebrity date motivation:

Jesse Williams


You are merely a female whom enjoyed the woman Disney cartoons developing up and is seeking their Prince Charming now. You desire a person who’s grounded, supportive, and

buff who

will sweep you next to your own feet. You will find activities on the market to be had which man may have the back just like you explore them with each other!

The place you’ll meet him:

at a pal’s celebration, a sporting event, or during a hike

Celebrity date inspiration:


Pinot Grigio

a chill girl, you’re going to be a perfect match with a man who is down-to-earth and easy to talk to. Perchance you’re a little too trusting, but as a dude susceptible to falling head over heels himself, he’s going to understand and
show himself worth that trust

Where you’ll satisfy him:

at food store, a nearby show, or from the shuttle

Star big date motivation:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Cabernet Sauvignon

Your perfect guy importance goes through over product situations, therefore incomparable most big escapades! He’s going to end up being well-traveled and enthusiastic observe more of the world with you by their area. Classic movies, modern design, and tasty food are common will be on the menu with this specific guy.

The place you’ll meet him:

an airport, another bistro opening, or a networking event

Celebrity time determination:

Leo DiCaprio

Pinot Noir

Classy, lovely, and well-spoken—the guy individually is always in the middle of his personal group. As he may have a little bit of a lengthy relationship record, never worry—once he decides to commit to you, he is inside it for the long term. You will have fun trading and investing sarcastic jokes and witty comebacks together.

For which you’ll fulfill him:

the regional coffeehouse, while using a class at a coworking area!

Celebrity time inspiration:

Ryan Reynolds